Private label

You are proud of your company. Do you want your name, logo and house-style to be seen by everyone? Then private label is perfect for you!

Glove boxes with your own house-style, for almost the same price that you are accustomed to and of top quality. And you’ll receive them within 4 weeks!

  • Private label is available from 3 pallets.
  • Custom Glove opening and custom packaging is also possible.

Not enough storage space?
Not a problem! With ProGlove, you have the possibility of storing your boxes in our warehouse. Please contact us to find out about the conditions.

We are happy to send you free, non-committal samples of our gloves and/or glove boxes.

ProGlove also offers the option of designing your glove-box in mutual consultation with you. Should be interested in this, please contact us.